Lettings and Sales Software - Portal Upload

Advertising Proposals

  • Advertise many marketing strategies per property
  • Have a Sale and Lettings campaign at the same time
  • Manage room rentals and bookings
  • Variable fees and keep control of cost centres
  • Keep your listings organised with advance grouping
  • Keep a history of comments
Lettings and Sales Software - Portal Upload

Multiple Adverts

The ability to advertise and manage various marketing strategies

  • Have unlimited different pricing and offerings
  • Advertise in many places
  • Test comparable property adverts simultaneously
  • No more duplication of properties
Lettings and Sales Software - Portal Upload

Advertising Depth

Property is unique. Tenants or Purchasers are unique. So why not adverts? Bespoke and fine tune proposals and display them across TV Advertisers, portals, marketing material and your website.

  • Varied Fees. Create a set of charges per advert
  • Cover multiple adverts per property, be it Sales or Lettings
  • Room Shares made easy. Keep track of each room advertised
  • Define payment periods
  • Time Adverts, automatically end advertising
proposals matching against applicants

Marketing Material

Instantly print a professional window display or property list. Further edit, create, or bespoke your perfect advertising documentation. Use a simple word processor like Microsoft Word or go crazy with HTML.

  • Over 18 Window and list templates included
  • Included dynamic window display‚Äôs with Map and QR code
  • Copy and edit default marketing documents to suit
Advertising Material for letting and estate agents

Match Properties to available applicants

Have a new property proposal and match available applicants instantly

  • One click match proposal to applicants
  • One click create viewing
  • See history of viewings
proposals matching against applicants