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Rapid, accurate information on maintenance and contractor job allocation enables effective and informed decisions to be made, making the most efficient use of staff time, and ensuring jobs are progressed, organised and well documented.

Record every detail

Clearly record every type of maintenance issue, control the priorities, regular notes, and even store documents related to the issue.

  • Markdown in editor, allowing you to add structure an issue description
  • Add every detail to a maintenance issue
  • Record status, reported, due and resolved date
  • Assign priority and type of issue
  • Timestamped comments
  • Full changes history
  • Create files and folders specifically for a maintenance issue
Image of maintenance details

Never miss a property repair

The Dashboard tells you important issues in real-time. Specific cards related to maintenance unresolved, important certificates due and if keys need to be chased allows you to deal with maintenance in an efficient manner.

  • Access all maintenance issues in one place
  • Group, sort, organise issues by priority
  • Track urgency of maintenance
  • Apply timescales and manage via flexible lists
  • Safety certificates due reminders
  • Key management
  • Issue full maintenance report
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Maintenance payments

  • Apply contractor expenses/invoices, minus your management commission
  • Issue invoices, receipts and statements
  • Track payments to contractors
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Report maintenance online

  • Allow your tenants to report repairs online
  • Maintenance reports with as many photos as required
  • Directly integrated with your maintenance system
  • Tenants can report issues directly from their mobile phone
  • No need for separate repair reporting software
  • Add this to your existing website or have a built in designed website
Image of maintenance details