Property management, lettings & sales
All areas of your business covered
A software solution for property agents and landlords
to manage payments, maintenance, advertising and communication

Property management made easy

Manage the property business anywhere in the world on any browser-based device.
With, you can have unlimited offerings and advertise in many places.


At its core, believes in a dynamic working environment.
We're building a powerful tool that simplifies industry standard processes and allows you to manage your business more effectively.

Zero maintenance

No installation or maintenance – everything works from your web browser.

Free & seamless updates

Updates occur in the background. Login and notice new features automatically.

Keeping your data safe

With, security and backup are taken care of for you automatically using the best ISO standards.

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No contract limitations. Start a free trial for 14 days and design your own package by adding only the premium options that suit you.

Integrated with many external services

From advertising portals, social networks, website API, to even embedding third party code in to your documents, emails and website.

Trusted by many
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It’s never been this easy to have all the features you want! is a software solution for property agents and landlords

it can help you to manage accounts, maintenance, advertising and communication

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