Property Details in Lettings Software

Property made smart

  • Organize all your property information
  • Add every detail needed
  • Dedicated file manager per property
  • File storage and browser that is familiar to PC users
  • Smart folders for images, EPCs and certificates
  • Create your own fields
Property Manager from

Manage everything

Take care of all the information and files that come with looking after a property in one centralized location that will keep you organised.

  • Timeline of comments and notes
  • Full detailed descriptions, with features and bespoke extra details
  • Automatic Tax Banding
  • Manage multiple adverts
  • Track maintenance and contractor jobs assigned
  • Track associated tenancies
  • Cloud and file storage per property
  • Generate standardised template letters
  • Full changes history
  • Personalised fields
Key Manager - Lettings Software

Never lose a key

Assign on loan to any contact. Be reminded to chase keys, track key inventories and code keys to suit your business.

  • Coded key references
  • Sign out keys to contacts
  • Late key alerts via dashboard
  • Detailed key history
Track Utilities in

Utility Tracking

Add more information than just a reading with attached bills or meter location, even assigning liability. Make sure that you know your properties utilities.

  • Record meter reading information
  • Upload assign meter Image and copy of utility bill
  • Link to utility provider
  • Record liability party, be it Tenants, Landlord or even Agency
Photo Manager - Lettings Software

Photo Manager

Keep hundreds of photos, display only the best and keep your photo portfolio secure.

  • Keep historical photos secure and organised
  • Drag and drop bulk upload
  • Hide or display photos for advertising
  • Reorder advertised images
Photo Manager - Lettings Software