• Basic

      £ 39 mo

      Suitable for start ups

      • 200 Contacts
      • 500 MB Storage
      • Web Based Support
      • 50 Properties
      • 3 Users
    • Gold

      £ 99 mo

      Great for multi-branch agencies

      • 3000 Contacts
      • 10 GB Storage
      • Premium Support
      • Unlimited Properties *
      • Unlimited Users *

* Subject to fair usage

** Need more than 3,000 contacts? Please call 01900 29 20 29 or email info@landmax.pro


Optional Add-Ons
Add more value to your package by adding optional integrations.

Property Portals Uploading £10 PCM

Upload to as many property portals as you want with default providers and custom feeds

Managed Websites £30 PCM

Secure, fast and easy to use website solution directly integrated into landmax.pro

Make / Receive Phone calls From 2p/min

Work on the go and receive calls to your office number wherever you are

Text Messages (SMS) from 5p each

Send important messages quickly by using automated and designed texts

Self-Serviced Client Accounts £20 PCM

Give all your clients access to their data and a way to communicate with you quickly and orderly

TV Advertiser £10 PCM

Wireless and beautiful, a low-cost solution to display your current property portfolio

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any upfront fees?

No. There are no upfront fees at all to begin using landmax.pro.

You can sign up now for an account and begin using it today as a free trial, only add your bank details if you want to continue using.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. landmax.pro is a pay-as-you-go property management system. There are no long or short-term contracts or commitments on your part.

How often do you release updates?

Constantly. We release small tweaks and bug fixes daily and we release larger updates biweekly.

The best part? We handle all the landmax.pro updates, backups, hosting and other IT headaches for you. We do what we do best, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Are there any additional costs, such as equipment for networking?

Nope – just need a device with an internet browser, – be it a PC, tablet or a Chromebook. Gone are the days of expensive servers and complicated networking.

Will the data already stored be ported after switching to a new pricing plan?

Package upgrades with landmax.pro are quick and easy. Your data will not be affected by package upgrades. All of your data will be saved.

What support is provided?

Get in touch with our support team by: support@landmax.pro or our inbuilt support channel within your account. Our support includes ticketing, support knowledge base, quick report from landmax.pro account, detailed help guides and videos, remote desktop training, and team training at the landmax.pro training centre in Cardiff.

How long will it take for my website to go live?

1-3 days for designs with limited customization. With full customization, we can have a website ready within 10 days, although this is dependent on your feedback and requested alterations.

What happens to my data, if you go out of business?

We do fully appreciate and understand your concern. This is, in fact, one of the first aspects we focused when designing landmax.pro. We built it in such a way that it continues to work even if the company folds, fire catches in our offices, floods take one of areas where our servers are hosted or if other emergency occurs.

We use many practices from the banking industry to ensure reliability. We apply multiple levels of contingency to our operation. We are partnered with Google to store agencies' data. This means your data is in the safest hands. Should something happen to us, your data will still be hosted by Google. Your data is stored in multiple locations in Europe, is encrypted and has 4 levels of redundancy. Also, we do daily backups. To give you more peace of mind, we will allow you to export your data and take it with you, whenever you wish.

Additionally, we have had a huge interest and a lot of agencies joining us in a short time period of time, which makes a failure scenario very unlikely.

Can landmax.pro be used by multiple staff at the same time?

The same landmax.pro account can have more than one user, allowing simultaneous use of the same data by different staff, departments or branches. The software is not device specific, and can be used on any number of PCs.

landmax.pro is a software solution for property agents and landlords

it can help you to manage accounts, maintenance, advertising and communication

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