Laptop and Tablet using cloud storage

Cloud File Storage

Each contact and property has a unique file system built in, giving you the ability to create folders and store any type of document or file. Any file can be found and accessed within seconds.

  • Organised files by entity
  • Self-organising photos and certificates/EPCs
  • Drag and drop bulk uploading
  • Files and folders search
Image of file manager

Folders and file explorer

  • Cut and paste like traditional desktop file systems
  • Order views by Icons, Tiles and List format
  • Store any file type or document
  • Access files and documents on any browser based device
  • Upload Image Files from a Tablet or IPad camera storage
  • Create quick document notes from within file browser
Image of file manager

Easy uploading & management

  • Upload in bulk, with drag and drop tool
  • Carry on working while your large file uploads take place
  • Find any document with cloud storage search
  • Share large files across any location with any staff member
Image of drag and drop files

Organised file system for agents

  • Dedicated files per entity. Contact, Property and even Maintenance
  • Predictive folder save destinations
  • Pre-generated folders for EPCs, Photos and Certificates
  • Download and create zip for multiple folders/files
  • Add Tags to files
Images of files organised