TV displays are used by many larger agents across the country. Vendors expect their properties to be marketed this way, and it looks extremely professional. The problem is that this seemingly simple option is neither cheap nor easy.

As former agents, we have seen it all before. Letting and estate agents sometimes buy the TV first and think about its implementation later. Not thinking how updates occur and not considering further costs for cabling or how the lettings and sales software fits into the equation. Where do they hide that desktop PC that needs to be sited two feet from the TV?

In a nutshell, we wanted to solve the legacy desktop software issue. Current property TV software is expensive and usually requires a dedicated hard drive. Another problem is running on OS that has other program notifications popping up, which then causes the PC to crash. And it gets worse; the PC always seems to crash at the most awkward times or too often, and eventually you give up updating. As you can see, we have experienced these frustrations too.

So we got rid of the PC, (well, the dedicated one that has to be two feet from the TV). We added a button to cast spells……well, not spells (my Halloween joke), but broadcast your property listings from within the same WIFI network, from your account to your TV.

And this is not the coolest part, once started, you can switch off all computers and the slideshow will continue on its own fetching updates directly from our servers. Yes even logging out of will leave the TV display unaffected.

So we are happy to share another great feature in – your TV Advertiser App

  • Your property listings beautifully animated
  • Display advertising property proposals on any TV or monitor with an HDMI port
  • Adjust the display according to your requirements
  • All you need is WIFI, cast device and a TV
  • Controlled updates from within the same WIFI network
  • Manage look and feel via many options available directly from admin panel
  • No dedicated PC needed
  • No special cabling, just plug and play
  • No separate software to install, controlled from running from web browser
  • No contract, No obligation as with everything else in universe.

Cast devices only cost £30 and available from any major retailer

If that is not enough, you can try TV advertiser for FREE from marketplace. It will cost only £10 per month from December.

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