One year ago we launched - new generation property management solution for letting and estate professionals.

Since then we have grown massively to serve hundreds of agencies across the UK. We added hundreds of features, worked closely with our users to tailor the system to their needs and we improved the software in all areas. Now it is so much more than what it was a year ago.

When we launched, our vision was to make a better, different, modern property management software, which would be efficient, secure, cloud-based, and which would work well on all smart devices and operating systems.

The next step was to make a client-first solution. We understood that property management, like most businesses, is about building bridges between people. We added first class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality with landlord/tenant/contractor/applicant logins and self service, fluid personalities, conversation history, rich contact detail capture, quick search and so much more.

1 Year Anniversary

But we didn’t stop there, and now we are very proud to announce that also features integrated telephony, making it the first software of its kind to offer a full office on-the-go experience. Our clients can send/receive SMS messages and make/receive phone calls directly with With recorded conversations attached to contacts in your database, flexible redirects, plus the capability of multiple simultaneous calls we offer a superior telephony solution to the alternatives at a fraction of the price. Now you can run your agency from anywhere!

To recap, here are just some of the amazing functionality we have added during last year:

  • TV Advertiser - wirelessly animate your property listings on any TV monitor
  • Managed Websites- hassle free, fully integrated modern websites
  • lmxPhone - make/receive recorded phone calls wherever you are
  • SMS & Email - personalised communication made easy
  • Proposals - a new way to manage adverts on multiple mediums
  • CRM - contact management weaved into your business processes
  • Marketplace - add the functionality you want & when you want it
  • Client accounts - self service for landlords, tenants, applicants & contractors
  • Data Import Tool - quickly import your data to get a head start
  • Portal Uploads - dozens of preconfigured and custom feeds

Moreover, we have even more remarkable features coming soon. With we are bringing solutions of tomorrow to businesses of today!

Why not to see it for yourself? Just sign up via quick form and open a free account. No contract, No obligation, No salesmen.